The Charm of Revenge by Tom Secret eBook Download

The Charm of Revenge by Tom Secret eBook Download

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“A thrilling ride, with three-dimensional characters and a story that will have you racing to the end, where everyone has a secret to tell, including the dead.” — Michael Carr – Editor of The Charm Of Revenge, plus more than a dozen New York Times best sellers and another dozen Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times International, and Amazon best sellers.

Six years ago, Brad and Lola Fairweather ran through the hospital corridors trying to find a doctor to save their baby, Daisy, but they ran into cops. Brad was stun gunned and dragged away like a slab of meat, leaving Daisy to die in her mother’s arms.

Now they have another daughter, Lilly. She’s four and their son, Jack, is eleven. They’re the reason Brad and Lola carry on. But something doesn’t feel right. Someone is watching.

As events unfold, they discover their names are on a sinister government list, and their enemy wants to finish off what he started all those years ago.

Horrifying details emerge forcing each person to cross the line and end their dark secrets, silence the past, and face the devastating consequences of their actions.

With the mutilated bodies piling up, Detective Lt. Donatello hunts for the vigilante the press are calling ‘a hero’, but finds himself caught in a complex web of organized crime, kidnapping and murder, with all the evidence pointing to just one person, which is bad news…for him!


“This is a fantastic fast paced story. Tom Secret has woven ‘real-life’ villainous gut wrenching subjects, into a brilliant intricate web. The characters are layered, complex and gritty and Lieutenant Donatello is straight off a movie set. I found him so engaging I can’t wait to journey with him again.

Excellent twists and turns right to the very end.” P. Mia


“Wow, what a ride!!!! 

I had not read such an action-packed book in months

The book has so many twists and mysteries that sometimes it seems that even the skeletons in the closet have their own skeletons in the closet

Of course, there is gore, violence and abominable crimes, so make sure you’re not faint-hearted before reading it

I’m not a bad guy who likes to give spoilers, and I don’t want to ruin your right to discover all the crazy secrets of this book by yourselves, so I’ll describe the story in general terms

Cliffhangers – Every 1-2 chapters

Family secrets – One, two three…. many

Heart rate while reading is too high

Dangerous sicko crooks are around every corner

So, Ladies and Gentlemen, I proudly declare this book a page-turner.”S. Lenkevich


“I give This Book a 4.5 rating as this has been a great book compared to the standards of new and rising talents!! The story was beautifully told and kept us in the grips till the very last. I was blown away by the final twist in the very last goddamn line!” Kaushik N.P


Really good thriller
An excellent police psychological thriller. I can recommend it to anyone. I want to read more by this author. Excellent twists.”
 K. Bracy


I found this book very enjoyable from start to finish. It has everything and keeps you locked in to the story line the whole time…” Heather GR reviewer

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